OKLAHOMA CITY – Kirkpatrick Forest Curtis PC, better known as KFC Engineering, is proud to announce the creation of the KFC Engineering Associates Program.  As one of the largest structural consulting firms in Oklahoma, KFC Engineering has designed many notable projects among which are the MAPS 3 Oklahoma City Convention Center, The University of Oklahoma Gaylord Memorial Stadium South End Zone Expansion, and the Hobby Lobby Corporate Headquarters.

KFC Engineering is committed to principles of teamwork and recognizes that long-lasting relationships with our employees are critical to maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients.  In a market where talent recruitment is becoming increasingly competitive, this newly created Associates Program helps preserve KFC Engineering’s future and demonstrates our deep commitment to our staff and clients.  The Associates Program will also greatly enhance the investment in our team by providing additional training and leadership opportunities.

Since the founding of KFC Engineering’s predecessor company Kirkpatrick Engineering Company in 1973, many things have changed in the design industry.  However, KFC Engineering has remained fully devoted to superior structural design and committed to unparalleled service.  For the past 47 years KFC Engineering has been proud to provide our clients the full respect their projects deserve, and our Associates Program continues this tradition.

Alan Kirkpatrick, Principal, is excited to see the program begin.  “We developed this program for both the benefit of our employees and our clients. The Associates Program will provide a way for our employees to become more involved in the leadership of our firm, strengthen their ability to successfully manage projects and develop soft skills that are hard to come by. But most importantly, this program will provide our clients with a lasting and meaningful connection to their structural engineer.”

Principals Rick Forest, Larry Curtis, and Alan Kirkpatrick are proud to welcome Curtis Greenwood, PE, Jeff Sears, MS, PE, SE, Brian Rayner, MS, PE, and Alex Campbell, MS, PE, SE, to the inaugural class of Associate Engineers and firm leadership.

According to the firm principals, the inaugural class of associates is exceptionally strong. “We spent a lot of time discussing what character traits and ambitions we felt would most benefit the program and represent our firm.  The individuals we selected bring unique strengths and qualities that will provide tremendous benefits to our clients and elevate our firm to an even higher level of service. There’s no question that this program will have a positive impact our firm’s success for years to come,” said Kirkpatrick.

KFC Engineering looks forward to future years of success by enabling their young leaders of today to become the industry leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about KFC Engineering, find us at WWW.KFCENGR.COM or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/KFCEngr.

Additional information about the class:

Curtis Greenwood, PE, has been a leader at KFC Engineering since the beginning. Curtis earned his bachelor’s degree from The University of Oklahoma and has been providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the firm’s clients for over 20 years.  Greenwood is a structural engineer of record for the MAPS 3 Oklahoma City Convention Center and is a knowledgeable reference for historic renovations, forensic investigations, and wood construction.  Curtis is a proud resident of the Crown Heights Historic Preservation District and is active in many charitable organizations.

Contact: CGreenwood@kfcengr.com

Jeff Sears, MS, PE, SE, is a native of El Reno, Oklahoma, and has always embraced his roots.  After completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oklahoma and his master’s degree in civil engineering from Virginia Tech, Sears returned to Oklahoma and began his career at KFC Engineering.  For more than 13 years, Sears has worked to mentor young engineers and provide exceptional design services to his clients.  Serving on various industry committees through the years, Sears is an expert in light-gauge steel design standards and detailing.  Sears has completed designs across the nation, with a recent notable project being the south end zone expansion at the University of Oklahoma Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium.  Sears is the adoring husband to his wife Vicki and the proud “girl dad” to their four daughters.

Contact: JSears@kfcengr.com

Brian Rayner, MS, PE, a born-and-raised Oklahoman, has a reputation envied by most engineers.  Since graduating with both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Oklahoma State University, Rayner has repeatedly demonstrated his talent for both the technical and relationship aspects of the profession.  Rayner is consistently requested by clients to work on complex projects and has acquired extensive experience in forensic evaluations and community storm shelter design.  Brian is involved in the renovation and addition to an old armory building located in the heart of Oklahoma City which will house the future home of COOP Brewery, a local craft brewing company.

Contact: BRayner@kfcengr.com

Alex Campbell, MS, PE, SE, hails from Fallston, Maryland, and is a proud OSU Cowboy.  Since completing both his bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering and master’s degree in civil engineering, Alex has provided the highest level of engineering service to our clients. As the Director of Delegated Design, Campbell is responsible for managing all steel connection designs, cold-form framing designs, and many other services for our contractor and steel-fabricating clients.  Campbell is the model of a team player at KFC Engineering.  He is the doting husband of his wife Amy and proud dad to their daughter Lillian.

Contact: ACampbell@kfcengr.com