For Architects :   I n t e l l e c t u a l  D e s i g n …USAFA_0244

Together with architects we approach each project with a willingness to engage in the design process and  thoughtfully arrive at solutions that increase productivity of each team member and are meaningful to the building owner.


For Steel Fabricator:   P r e c i s i o n  …5PP_30

We provide connection design services that are tailored to the preferences of the steel fabricator.  Our special attention to detail and design delivers a complete and solid product right on time.


For General Contractors :   E x p e r i e n c e …DSC_0015bw

Drawing on our vast knowledge of project management, KFC Engineering provides services that strive to minimize project cost and time.  In addition to assistance with project-specific construction issues, our team specializes in Design-Build contracts and is able and ready to propose expert insight before the design of the building systems begins.


For Government Agencies :   C o n f i d e n c e …OU Police HQ_tonemapped

We work closely with federal, state and municipal government agencies to provide design services that meet established criteria for each.  We have extensive experience in the design of structures that require blast resistance and intricate security details.


For Owners :   K n o w l e d g eOct12okcarch_14

We provide a wide variety of services from on-site consulting to generating biddable construction documents to peer review of established designs.  It is our experience in the building construction industry that helps owners feel at ease.